Retargeting PageIf you’ve ever visited a site, maybe shopped for something, and then left the site without ever making a specific action (ex. making a purchase), you may have noticed that as you continue browsing other various websites, you see ads almost, “following you” around pertaining to whatever it was you were looking at previously.  These are known as Retargeting ads.

With Retargeting, we’re able to continue engaging your prospects after they have left your site (and we don’t even need their contact info in order to do so!), by simply tagging a “cookie” on their computer.  It is this “cookie” that allows us to put our ads in front of them while they browse through Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and millions of other sites.  With our ads now “following” these prospects around, the likelihood of them clicking one of our Retargeting ads at some point in the future, and ultimately, “converting” is 70% higher than those without Retargeting (in other words, if the prospect didn’t convert the first time, that’s it!).